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Orthodontics is the secret to a better new you!

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Isn’t it worth it to put up with braces for just six months when the results are so amazing? Here’s how orthodontics can sort your smile for good.

We haven’t yet written about the topic of New Year Resolutions, mainly because everybody else seems to be talking about it right now. And one of the main strands that tends to run through the articles we’ve read is that people make resolutions – and then don’t keep them after a month or two.

We absolutely accept this is the case when it comes to things like going to the gym or quitting smoking. The initial burst of enthusiasm is offset by the fact that the task you’ve set yourself is bloody difficult – and so your resolutions end up in the bin.

But there’s another form of resolution that we see here in our surgery at this time of year. People resolve to make a leap and have a certain form of dental treatment carried out, which means that once the job is done, there’s no need for further demonstrations of willpower for the rest of the year.

By way of example, we’ve had a whole slew of people into us over the last two weeks who want to have crooked or overcrowded teeth put straight once and for all.

Not so long ago, these would mainly have been teenagers, but more and more, we’re seeing older patients coming into the surgery and opting to go down the orthodontics route.

And there’s a very good reason for this. Back in the bad old days, patients needed to have their braces in place for two years – or even longer in certain circumstances. And this put them off, as they thought it looked a bit odd for people in business to be wearing a mouthful of braces.

Today, however, the newer generation of braces can sort your problem in just six months – which is much more bearable.

And there’s another big reason why so many people come into us in January and resolve to straighten their smile once and for all. It relates to price. Because you spend less time with us for the newer generation of braces, it stands to reason that we need to charge you less to over our professional time.

And bear in mind that you can opt to avail of our 0% Dental Finance Plan, which means that you can spread your cost over three months, six months or nine months – without costing you a single red cent.

And unlike other resolutions, the promise to yourself of a straighter smile is very easy to keep. Once you come in to us for your initial fitting, the project takes on a momentum of its own. You don’t have to make any conscious effort every day – the braces will do all the work for you!

So why not promise yourself that 2017 is the year when your smile eventually comes together exactly as you’d like it to. And the great news is that if you’ve promised yourself orthodontics Dublin is a fantastic place to have your treatment, as it's home to some brilliant dentists, including our good selves at MyDental, of course!

If we’ve piqued your interest and you think you’d like to have us sort your smile, remember that we adhere in full to the Code of Practice of the Irish Dental Council - (http://www.dentalcouncil.ie/g_dentalethics.php)