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Clear braces and straight teeth – all you need to know.

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In the past, having a mouthful of crooked or overcrowded teeth was likely to ‘condemn’ you to a couple of years wearing braces. Thankfully, those dark days are long gone!

We had a teenage girl in the surgery last week who was chatting to us confidently about her upcoming Junior Cert. She seemed totally at easy with life, ready for anything it threw at her and couldn’t wait to eventually go on to college and make her mark in the world.


But despite all this admirable confidence, there was one issue in her life that was causing her to doubt. She had beautifully white and healthy teeth, but a number of her lower set were quite crooked.


We broke the news to her and her mother that braces would be needed to rectify the situation. Immediately, her confidence seemed to drain. She spoke of her fears of having to wear ‘train tracks’ for the next couple of years of her life – and how people would notice this immediately.


Thankfully, we were able to reassure her pretty quickly. First of all, those old-fashioned train tracks are very definitely a thing of the past. The system we use here at MyDental is called QuickBraces, and offers a whole host of benefits that simply didn’t exist a decade ago.


First of all, there’s the timeframe that her young friend would have to wear them for. Typically, this is only around six months. It will vary from patient to patient, depending on shape of mouth, teeth and gums, but we discuss this with you at your first appointment, so you leave the surgery knowing exactly what’s in store for you.


Secondly, there was the issue of ‘other people noticing them’ – something that can make young people, in particular, very self-conscious. QuickBraces are infinitely more discreet than their old-fashioned rivals, and don't cause slurring when you speak. This means that they draw very little attention to the wearer, so everyone is a winner!


A third big reassurance factor that we pointed out to our young patient was the issue of comfort. QuickBraces apply a lot less pressure to the teeth and gums than rival products, so there isn’t that constant feeling that your mouth is ‘under attack’ from your braces.


Are QuickBraces very expensive?


At this point, our young patient was reassured, but the questions now started to flow from her mother. If they were this good, they must be very expensive? Happily, we were able to put Mum at ease too.


Because the QuickBraces system does its work in around six months, this means that the patient spends less time in our surgery. And if we’re not treating you as often, the price for treatment obviously tumbles.


The net effect is that this new type of clear braces is extremely affordable for parents. And remember that you can make them even more affordable by choosing to spread the cost over three six or nine month. You can do this by availing of our 0% Dental finance Plan.


We’re sure you’re delighted to hear clear braces cost significantly less than you anticipated, and you can check out our price list right here.


You’ll also see our prices displayed throughout or surgery, in compliance with the Code of Practice of the Dental Council- further details are available here – http://www.dentalcouncil.ie/choosingyourdentist.php