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Clear braces cost less than ever at MyDental

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Affordable Quickbraces can straighten crooked teeth in just six months. Here’s how.

There’s something about things being straight that seems to preoccupy most of us. We have a love of symmetry and want things to be ‘just right’. And it’s no different when it comes to our teeth. We far prefer a straight line of pearly whites as opposed to an irregular line – even if the teeth are white and healthy.


It’s a similar scene when it comes to overcrowding. Even if those ‘extra’ teeth are in great shape, they offend our sense of what’s normal and appropriate.


In the past, remedying either crooked or overcrowded teeth would have meant that you were sentenced to wearing train tracks for two years – of possibly even more.


Thankfully, those days are no more – thanks to the Quickbraces system that we use here at MyDental. As the name suggests, Quickbraces solve the problem in a fraction of the time that their older rivals take. It’s impossible to give a blanket indication of how long treatment will take in all situations, but as a general rule of thumb, you’ll b be waving goodbye to your braces in around six months.


For any of us, this would be a major step forward. But for young people who tend to be very sensitive about their appearance, a two-year spell wearing braces feels like purgatory, so they take great heart in the fact that it will only take half a year to remedy crooked or overcrowded teeth.


The benefits of Quickbraces


The length of time you have to wear them for is just one of the benefits of Quickbraces. Here are a few more.


  • They don’t affect your speech and they’re not terribly visible, so they give you a lot more social confidence than older methods.
  •  The system rarely involves extraction of healthy teeth.
  • Quickbraces® is a system that not only corrects those errant teeth, but does so in a way that’s way more comfortable than you might expect. They exert less force than their older rivals, which is the reason for the added comfort.
  • The system is particularly effective when it’s used to treat both the lower and upper teeth at the same time.
  • Clear braces cost a lot less with the Quickbraces system. This is because you pay fewer visits to our surgery, so we can afford to charge you significantly less.
  • Our clear braces system can be even more affordable when you opt for our 0% Finance plan which lets you spread the cost over three, six or nine months.


How come they’re so much more comfortable?

Two reasons. The first is that the system in put in place a section at a time, which means that the roots and crown of the tooth are not being forced to move very much at any given time.

The second reason is that the brackets used with the system are quite small – and much less noticeable.

You can check out the prices on our website, and they’re also

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