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The visible benefits of invisible braces.

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You can get up close and personal to people before they spot you have invisible braces. Here’s why.


Our three regular readers will know by now that we’re true movie buffs. And not alone have we watched tens of thousands of movies in our time, but we’re also complete and utter ‘anoraks’ in terms collecting interesting stories and trivia about the movies.

It will become clear in a few paragraphs why we’re mentioning this – and why we’re referencing one movie in particular.

The movie in question is the 1982 Oscar-winner, Tootsie. In it, Dustin Hoffman plays Michael Dorsey, an out-of-work who comes up with an ingenious way of demonstrating just how good he is.

He disguises himself as a female called Dorothy Michaels as part of a plan to get an acting gig on popular soap opera. He very quickly becomes a favouritecharacter on the show – but also falls in love with his co-star, played by Jessica Lange.

One of the most interesting things about the movie was that Hoffman’s contract said that he could refuse to go ahead with the role if the make-up wasn’t spot-on. The studio responded by applying face lifts, shaving his arms and legs – and even the backs of his fingers. Add that to a rake of latex and the effect was complete.

But Hoffman still wasn’t happy. He said that he needed one more ‘acid test’. In full make-up, he arranged to meet his friend and fellow actor, Jon Voight. During the course of their get-together, Voight never suspected that this was Hoffman in drag.

Suitably convinced of the fact that the make-up and costume nailed it, Hoffman threw himself fully into the movie, and the rest is history.

But why do we mention this today? Well, because the topic of this blog is invisible braces. We wondered if someone would be able to meet up with a friend or family member – wearing their new braces – and not have them spotted.

We threw this challenge out during an informal yap in the surgery last month, and our dentists said that they’d ask their new invisible braces patients to try it out.

Within a few weeks, we had our results. Three willing volunteers had their braces fitted, and then made a point of not telling their friends about it – then waiting to see if anyone spotted them.

Technically speaking, of course, they are not totally invisible, but the use of transparent aligners instead of the old-fashioned brackets and wires means that you really need to get up close and personal to somebody before you’ll spot that they're wearing them.

And that’s the feedback we got back from our volunteers. They said that at ‘chatting distance’, many of their friends failed to spot them, but at ‘kissing distance’, they suddenly became obvious to the other person.

One final point that we’d make on this topic is that if you're in the market for invisible braces Dublin is home to some wonderful orthodontists, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. That said, we happen to think that our guys here at MyDental are the top dogs!

If you're interested in this topic and would like to find out a bit more, here’s a helpful link to check out - http://www.thedentalguide.net/invisible-braces/