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Six Months SmileTM Clear Braces can work wonders by straightening your crooked teeth.

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Affordable clear braces provided by MyDental are a cheaper and faster option for straightening crooked teeth. Find out here how it works so well.

If there are teenagers in your life, whether your own children or perhaps nieces or nephews, chances are that some of them will go through that stage of life when they have to wear ‘train tracks’.

And while the technology has moved on unbelievably, those early braces did a great job in their team for generations of Irish teenagers.

What wasn’t so wonderful about those early braces, however, is that they were highly visible and attracted attention to young people who were liable to be a little self-conscious about their appearance.

And even worse, they had to be worn for up to two years, which made the whole process that much more unpalatable.

So what’s the difference with Six Months SmilesTM?

Thankfully, there’s a revolutionary new treatment now available from MyDental which genuinely changes the rules completely when it comes to straightening crooked teeth.

They’re almost invisible, which is fantastic for self-confidence, but the absolute killer benefit is that they’ll be off for good within just six months.

We recommend Six Months SmilesTM as quite simply the least intrusive and most customer-friendly treatment on the market, with a whole range of benefits on offer compared to older, more conventional treatments:

  • It’s hard to believe, but the average person will be saying goodbye to their braces within just six months – just about a quarter of what they might otherwise expect.
  • The Six Month Smiles Lucid-LokTM system comes with clear brackets and naturally colored wires. It almost takes an expert to spot them, so the wearer will be a lot more confident wearing them.
  • There will be no surprises at the end of the treatment as this is a particularly predictable form of dental intervention.
  • When you use the Six Month SmilesTM Patient Tray Kits, they’re very quick so you’ll spend a minimal amount of time in the dental chair.
  • They don’t squeeze your teeth to the same extent as older models, so they’re a lot more comfortable to wear over a long period of months.
  • They’re much cheaper than conventional braces, which is particularly important if you have a number of children in the family who may need this form of treatment.

How does this work in practice?

This is not so much a brand new technology as a major step forward in technology that’s been working quite well for many years – not just in Ireland but right throughout the developing world.

Millions of patients throughout the globe have benefitted from the old form of treatment, but Six Month SmilesTM have taken this technology on in leaps and bounds to develop something which is almost unrecognizable from the older methods.

And when you take into account the fact that this is a job that will last you a lifetime, it’s actually great value for money – particularly so if you opt to spread the cost with our 0% Dental Finance plan.

This means that you don’t have to incur any extra fees for the privilege of spreading the cost. It really is a great investment in your smile and in yourself.

Go on – make the decision today

If you have youngsters in the family who are in need of straightening, Six Month SmilesTMis genuinely a magnificent solution that offers superb value for money and works in just six months.

It’s a fact of life that crooked teeth will not resolve themselves without intervention from your dentist, so the quicker you decide to do something about it, the better.

Talk to us today about a treatment plan and a dental finance plan, and sow the seeds of a brilliantly straight smile.