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What does a dental bridge cost – and is it worth it?

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You can continue cursing that gap in your smile – or do something about it, such as getting a dental bridge. Here’s the full lowdown.

About two weeks ago, we were picking up a family member from the airport very early in the morning. This meant that we drove through Dublin city while there were very few people and traffic to distract us.

This let us have a strange view of the city. It was almost as if it was putting on a show just for us – and everything seemed so clear, almost as if we were viewing it from above.

One of the things that we noticed is that the cranes are back. Not to the same extent as during the Celtic Tiger, but make no mistake about it, the green shoots of recovery are very much in evidence in the construction sector, and we're once again benefitting from the engineering and construction skills of our brightest and best.

And as we crossed the lovely new Sam Beckett Bridge, we thought to ourselves about how engineering can deliver something so deeply beautiful – but also something so functionally effective.

This led us to thinking about the humble dental bridge – and how it too is brilliantly functional and very pleasing from an aesthetic point of view. It’s a fairly simple principle, but something simple is best!


How does a dental bridge work?

Let’s say that you’ve lost a tooth – perhaps due to an accident, or maybe as a result of decay. It’s self-evident that a crown can't be used, as there’s nothing to attach the crown to. But what if you could build a bridge between two teeth on either side of the gap – and use this structure as an anchor for the crown. That, in essence, is how a dental bridge works.

Because this is a very simple form of dental engineering, it's also one where very little can go wrong. Here at MyDental, we’ve carried out the treatment thousands of times, and our patients tell us that they have absolute confidence in their bridge – eating, smiling, laughing and talking without fearing that the structure will move out of place.

Another benefit, of course, is that the treatment looks very natural. If you flash your brightest smile, nobody will know that you’re wearing a bridge – and it can even be coloured to match your surrounding teeth.


Is it expensive?

Dental bridge cost is very much within reach of the average pocket – and even more so when you spread the cost with our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

The bridge is fitted into place in the surgery by your dentist, but a highly qualified dental technician actually makes it. It fits perfectly, because it's based on impression of your teeth/gums supplied to the technician by the dentist.


Want to know more about dental bridges?

If you think you may be suitable for a dental bridge but would like to know a bit more before you commit, here's a helpful article on the very helpful Colgate website - http://www.colgate.com/en/us/oc/oral-health/cosmetic-dentistry/bridges-and-crowns/article/what-are-dental-crowns-and-tooth-bridges