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Span that unsightly gap with a dental bridge.

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Why put up with a gap in your smile when you're just a dental bridge away from restoring your perfect smile?

We’ve never given our age away here in our MyDental blogs, but the more astute of you will probably have made some educated guesses, based on the content that we write about. So here’s another clue. We don’t remember Simon and Garfunkel from first time around, but have recently found some of their old ‘albums’ in our parent’s attic. And with a simple little gizmo that we picked up in an electronics store, we were able to transfer the content from vinyl to digital.

Our iPod is now well stocked with songs from the tuneful duo, and without doubt, our all-time favourite is Bridge Over Trouble Water. So good is it, in fact, that we’ve had it on ‘Repeat’ for the last few days.

And obviously, because of the business we’re in, we couldn’t but be struck by the analogy with dental bridges – which also calm troubled waters in the form of an ugly gap that can take away hugely from your smile.

And let’s face it, we’ve all become much more image-conscious these days, so the prospect of putting up with an imperfect smile is not something we’re very happy to do.


Enter the dental bridge!

The dental bridge has been around for a long time – and is a very effective and efficient form of treatment. How and when is it used, you may ask. Well suppose you’ve lost a tooth and a crown can’t be used to replace it as there’s nothing to attached the crown to. In this case, your dentist will build a bridge between the teeth on either side of the gap, and using this to support an artificial tooth.

It’s brilliantly simple – and also brilliantly affordable – particularly when you decide to spread the cost over a number of months with our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

And once the job is done, you simply won’t even know you're wearing a dental bridge – also referred to as a tooth bridge -  after a week or two. You can eat, chew, laugh and smile as normal – and nobody will be any the wiser that you're wearing one.


The key benefits of dental bridges

• It’s very robust and reliable. The bridge is fitted in place in the surgery, but is made in a lab by a highly trained dental technician, and is formed to the exact shape of your mouth and teeth.

• It’s very natural looking, and doesn’t give the game away that you're wearing a replacement tooth.

• It can prevent the hollow appearance of your cheeks that can accompany tooth loss.

• Once its in place, no steal or apple will ever cause you any trouble again.

• Fitting of a bridge means that the neighbouring teeth won't move out of place, potentially leading to further trouble down the line.


Some more reading material for you

Colgate produce some wonderful material on the general topic of dentistry – along with specific articles such as the following piece on bridges - http://www.colgate.com/en/us/oc/oral-health/cosmetic-dentistry/bridges-and-crowns/article/what-are-dental-crowns-and-tooth-bridges