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A dental bridge is very definitely tried and tested.

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If you have a gap in your smile, a dental bridge is a wonderful way of restoring your smile to its wonderful best. Here’s how.

We’ve mentioned many times in our humble blog that we love gadgets. When we buy the weekend newspapers, we immediately rush to the new technology section, anxious to see what new gizmos can brighten up our life.


And though it may sound dangerous to generalise, each generation of new technology tends to improve on the generation that went before it.


To prove the point, you only have to look at mobile phones. When they first arrived in Ireland, they were known as ‘bricks’, and were a million miles away from the small, sleek shapes that most of us carry in our pockets.


Fairly quickly, however, they got smaller and prettier. And then, lo and behold, a new revolution came to pass in the shape of the smartphone, when we were suddenly carrying around instant access to the internet. And thus, the ‘always on’ generation was born.


These days, we think nothing of paying the guts of a grand for the latest iPhone or Samsung, and in recent surveys, many people say that if their house was on fire, their phone would be the first thing to rescue. No mention of the kids!


With this focus on newer and better technology, a major earthquake took place last Sunday when it was formally announced that the Nokia 3310 is to be relaunched later this year. And if the name isn’t familiar to you, no worries. The chances are that you carried one at some stage or another, as it was the number one selling phone for years


And yes, we will DEFINITELY be getting one. Maybe not as our first phone, but something we could carry on a Sunday hike in case of emergency. Its ten-day battery life would be perfect if we got stranded and needed to phone for help.


The point we’re making is that sometimes technology gets overtaken – but sometimes it's so damn good that there’s always a call for it.

In our own world of dentistry, the equivalent of the Nokia 3310 is the dental bridge. It’s been around forever, but it’s doing as good a job today as it ever did. In essence, it's a structure that spans the teeth on either side of a gap, and it forms the support for a fabricated tooth (or multiple teeth).


There are a number of different forms of bridge available to your dentist, but each of them works brilliantly at filling in that unsightly gap in your smile. The choice is down to the size and shape of your mouth, and also the nature of the gap, e.g. whether there are existing teeth on either side of it.


In terms of affordability, the typical dental bridge cost certainly won’t break the bank. And remember that here at MyDental, you can always opt to spread the cost over multiple months with our 0% Dental Finance Plan.


If you’d like to read a bit more on this topic before committing to having a bridge treatment, may we recommend the following helpful article to start you on your way - http://wb.md/2mBqImp