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Dental bridges are a great shortcut to a great smile.

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You’ll be very pleasantly surprised to hear how little it can cost to have a gap in your smile filled in. Here’s how,


We had a very long and heated discussion in the surgery recently on the topic of why people rush to replace a missing tooth via a dental bridge, an implant or some other form of denture.

As you'd expect, there was a huge level of support for the suggestion that people do it for aesthetic reasons. And there’s certainly a lot of truth in this. These days, we seem to have our opinions formed by what might loosely be called celebrity culture, where perfection is very much the order of the day.

This means that many of us want to have a George Clooney smile, and refuse to accept anything less. This sense of dental vanity seems to be growing in popularity, and we find that there’s less and less tolerance on the part of the general public for anything less than the real deal when it comes to a gapless and shiny smile.

But not everybody in the surgery subscribed to this school of thought. There was also a very strong suggestion that people want to restore the full range of dental functionality. Take someone who loses a couple of teeth beside each other. This means that the chore of biting or chewing now falls to the neighbouring teeth, with the potential for spill-over damage through overuse.

There’s also the fact that if you lose a number of teeth and don't replace them, your cheeks can start to sag, which can add years to your face – not something many of us want to countenance!

The good news,  however, is that no matter what your reasons for opting for cosmetic help, the typical dental bridge cost has dropped hugely in recent times – mainly thanks to a more streamlined process on the part of contemporary dentists.

By way of example, take a look at our pricelist. A 2-unit Maryland bridge, for example, is listed at €1,950, but is yours for just €1,050. This represents wonderful value for money, especially when you consider how much wear you’ll get from your new bridge. It will last for decades once you take care of it in accordance with our simple instructions.

And if you want a higher quality material, a 3-unit Zirconium Bridge is listed at €2,550, but is yours for just €1,650. Remember, too, that you don’t have to shell out for your treatment all at once. If you prefer, you can opt to spread the cost over three months, six months or nine months – courtesy of our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

This is very handy if your dental treatment coincides with other major bills such as the car insurance or buying Christmas presents, for example.

The bottom line is that people will have numerous reasons for having the gap in their smile sorted, but whichever route they choose, there’s very definitely an affordable way of achieving the sort of smile they've always wanted.

If you think you could profit from some work on your smile and would like to find out a little more about the magic of dental bridges, may we recommend the following article for you - http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/dental-health-bridges#2