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We’re asking the question – what makes a great dentist?

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Great dentists aren’t just about their ability to provide veneers, implants, crowns or other treatments – there’s also that special X Factor involved.

Here at MyDental, we love nothing better than talking to our clients about why they chose us – and why they return to us time and again.

We have to admit, some of the answers we receive have surprised us. We suspected that the big attraction would be a combination of great value and a wide range of dental services – everything from implants, crown, veneers and any of a host of other conventional dental treatments.

But time and again, the response that we get is that people ‘like their dentist’. In other words, it’s about the friendliness of our dentists and their ability to talk to their patients clearly and simply, without blinding them with dental science.

We also have a number of nervous patients, who may have a phobia about injections or perhaps suffer the occasionl anxiety attack. These patients place a particular value on their personal relationship with their dentist.

They have to trust him to be extra sympathetic, and perhaps to cease treatment for a few minutes while they compose themselves after a bout of anxiety.

For the most part, our clients take it as read that all our dentists are trained to the highest possible standards and have the experience and the expertise to carry out the work for which our clients are paying them.

They place a much higher value on the ability of our dentists to empathise with them, and to treat them as individuals rather than ‘just another set of teeth’.

These findings have influenced our hiring policy to a great extent, and when hiring a new dentist, our interviewers spend as much time on finding out what sort of a person they are as opposed to checking on their technical dental abilities.

We also conduct regular informal checks with our patients to make sure that they are being treated with the level of personal, friendly service that they are entitled to.

We’re delighted to say that the feedback we get is very encouraging. They tell us that the ‘chairside manner’ of their dentist is one of the biggest reasons that they stay with MyDental – and why they recommend us to their friends and family.

They also tell us that they enjoy the amount of clear, concise information they get from tehir MyDental dentist – particularly when it comes to some of the less familiar processes that patients may be undergoing, such as a root canal.

It’s not essential, of course, that they understand what’s happening in their mouth at any given moment, but they tell us time and again that it makes the process much less stressful when they know exactly what their dentist is doing – and why.

Another recurring theme from our patients as to what makes a great dentist is ‘sense of humour’, which surprised us a little. If they present with a missing filling after eating a piece of toffee, for example, they invariably get a lighthearted word of sympathy rather than a ‘scolding’ for treating their tooth in this way.

Perhaps that’s why MyDental is very much a first name practice – with both patients and dentists alike being addressed as Jim or Joe or Mary instead of Mister or Missus or Doctor.

So next time you’re looking for an implant, a crown, a veneer or any other form of dental procedure, think of MyDental first. You’re guaranteed to be dealt with people first, and dentists second!