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Impacted wisdom teeth spell trouble – here’s why.

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When wisdom teeth go wrong, they go wrong big time. If you're one of the unlucky ones, here’s what you need to know.

We had a young man in with us recently who was facing a real dilemma. He was a week or two away from really important professional exams which would play a huge part in his fledgling career.

He’s been granted study leave from work and was putting in twelve to fifteen hours a day studying for the exams. But as if some capricious god was having a laugh at his expense, his studies were suddenly interrupted by some serious pain in the back of his mouth.

This young man had excellent teeth, so even before we examined him, we sere fairly sure that this wasn’t something simple like a cavity.

And sure enough, when we examined him in full, our worst fears were confirmed. He was suffering from impacted wisdom teeth, which are pretty much the last thing you’d want if you were soon to be tackling  such important exams.

You're probably familiar enough with the notion of wisdom teeth – that third set of molars that some of us get from the ages or around 18 to 25. These don’t happen to everyone, and indeed some people can have wisdom teeth without any major drama.

But when they become impacted, the real trouble starts. Impaction means that they have become trapped inside the bone or the gum and simply have nowhere to go because of the positioning of the surrounding teeth.

We explained to our young patient that there would be no simple remedy to the problem – and that it would get worse the longer it was left untreated. This is because the roots continue to grow for several more years, so eventual extraction will be even tougher if postponed.

And this is where the true dilemma became evident. If he decided to have them removed immediately, it can be quite a tough operation and could well have interfered with his studies at this critical time. But if he did nothing, the pain was becoming unbearable and was preventing him from concentrating properly.

Wisdom teeth pain relief was the only short-term solution we could offer, so we prescribed some fairly heavy-duty painkillers that would get him through the next couple of weeks – and allow him take his exams without interference.

He made an appointment then and there, however, to have the offending molars removed as soon as his exams were over. This was a very wise decision. If not tackled early, a whole host of problems may arise, including an infected wisdom tooth. And trust us, this is not something that you want to experience any time soon!

We’re expecting our young patient in to us soon for the extraction procedure, and hopefully he’ll have some good news to share with us about his exams.

The moral of this story is that you should never put off visiting your dentist is you suspect that you’re heading for problems with your wisdom teeth, If you'd like to find out more about this topic, here’s a helpful article from MedicineNet.com - http://www.medicinenet.com/wisdom_teeth/page2.htm