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If wisdom teeth symptoms strike, it's time to act.

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If you're starting to experience pain from your wisdom teeth, the situation will only get worse. Here’s why.

The failure of the Irish rugby team to advance beyond the quarter-final stage in autumn left a lot of fans lamenting the fact that we set out for the tournament without our greatest ever player – in the minds of many – a certain Mister Brian O’Driscoll.

Not only was ‘Drico’ a genius on the pitch, but he also had a sense of playful mischief off the pitch that endeared hi to many. We particularly remember his famous TV interview when he mysteriously pointed out that ‘knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, but wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad’.

It was as good a definition of wisdom as you're likely to hear, but it begs the question, at what age do we start to amass wisdom?

Well, from a dental point of view, the answer is between 18 and 25. Why so? Well, because this is the age when wisdom teeth symptoms arrive. They get their name from the fact that this is a period in our lives when our accumulated knowledge is turning into wisdom.

The truth, of course, is that this third set of molars owes little to wisdom, but is a result of a way of life that has disappeared thousands of years ago. At one stage, these third molars were used for eating raw foods such as roots and nuts, alone with uncooked meat.

Today, of course, our diet is much softer and more easily chewed, so we have no need for these wisdom teeth. They turn up for some people and not for others, but for the unlucky ones, wisdom teeth removal is the only real solution when problems arise.

The problems are worse when an impacted wisdom tooth raises its ugly had. This means that the tooth is trapped in the bone or gum and simply has nowhere to go. Your dentist will inevitably recommend wisdom teeth extraction as the problem will only get worse if you put off the proposed treatment.

This is because the roots continue to grow for several more years, so extraction will be an even bigger deal if you defer it for long. And while we hate to be pessimistic, there is no real panacea for wisdom teeth pain relief other than having them out.

The longer you leave things the worse the problem gets, possibly leading to infected wisdom teeth and possible damage to neighbouring teeth.


Drop in and talk to us about the problem

The bottom line is that you need to seek treatment as soon as you suspect that problems with wisdom teeth may be looming. We’ll quickly assess the problem for you and recommend a timely course of action.

And if you'd like to read up on the subject before dropping in to us, you’ll find a really helpful and educational article right here - http://www.medicinenet.com/wisdom_teeth/page2.htm