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Don’t procrastinate on removal of wisdom teeth.

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There’s only one time to consider getting wisdom teeth removed: as soon as they start to pain you.

You’re probably all aware of the famous Murphy’s Law, which points out that whatever can go wrong will go wrong. We don’t know how much scientific validity this so-called law may carry, but sometimes there can be a ring of truth to it.

We remember a patient coming in to us immediately after the Christmas break last year. He’d been experiencing a few pangs of pain in the days coming up to Christmas day, but decided that the problem could wait till the holidays were over.

He was heading off to the U.K. to visit family, and wouldn’t you know it – just as he was queuing up at the departure gates, those few pangs of pain become what he described as “an explosion in my mouth”.

By the time he arrived in the U.K., the pain was excruciating, but he found difficulty finding a dentist who could take him on at such short notice. He had to manfully put up with the discomfort for the entire holidays, buoyed only by copious amounts of over-the-counter painkillers.

When he eventually got in to see us in January, we were able to diagnose the problem immediately – our patient was heading for removal of wisdom teeth.

Sometimes you get a lot of warning about an impending problem, but sometimes it creeps up on you very quickly – as in the case of our patient. The point of this blog, therefore, is that you should act as soon as you feel any unexplained pain – particularly when it’s towards the back of your mouth, where the third set of molars that we know as wisdom teeth spring up.

And here’s the important thing to remember – the pain of wisdom teeth will only get worse if you leave it untreated. That’s because the roots grow for a further two years after the first pangs of pain become evident. So the longer you defer treatment, the worse it gets.

And this message is timely as we approach the Christmas period once again. If you’ve been experiencing any unexplained dental pain, you need to act right away – and don't end up having to suffer in silence while every dentist in the country is closed over the holidays.

If this sounds a bit depressing, it shouldn’t. The fact is that once you’ve had those wisdom teeth extracted, they’ll never come back, so the job is done for life. So in that sense, your wisdom tooth extraction cost represents excellent value for money.


Another bit of good news is that the typical wisdom teeth removal cost is very affordable these days. And don't forget that you can choose to avail of the MyDental 0% Dental Finance Plan, which lets you spread the cost over monthly instalments.

And before we sign off, let us give you one more reason why you should act quickly if you suspect that trouble is brewing. If you put things on the long finger, you can end up with problems such as an infected wisdom tooth. And believe us when we tell you that you simply don't want to go there – ever.

Meanwhile, here’s some further reading for you on this topic if you’d like to find out more - http://www.medicinenet.com/wisdom_teeth/page2.htm