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Wisdom teeth are poor guests, so bid them goodbye.

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There’s no solution to the pain of wisdom teeth other than extraction. Here’s why.

One of the lovely things about our job is when we get to treat a number of different generations of the same family. This is partly down to word of mouth among families, and also due to the fact that we get a lot of visits from very young children – accompanying their parents – who come back to us when they reach adulthood.


Whenever a child arrives in our waiting room with a parent, we love to invite them into the surgery and prove to them that we’re friendly people who want to help them – not hurt them. It gives us a chance to introduce the various dental instruments to them, letting them hold them and carry out their own ‘examination’ of their teeth.


This works very well in building a bridge of trust between the child and our dentists, and this comes in very handy when they eventually need some treatment in later life.


As a general rule, they're definitely not shy about asking us questions about their teeth. Some of them are real stumpers – such as what’s the going rate from the Tooth Fairy!


Another question that was asked by a seven-year-old last week stopped us in our tracks. A young girl called Laura asked us if she could be guaranteed to go through life without any dental pain – assuming that she took care of her teeth in the way that we recommended.


We would have loved to have given her a resounding YES, but unfortunately, this may have been a tad misleading. And here’s why. There is a single dental problem that can strike you no matter how well you take care of your teeth.


We’re referring, of course, to wisdom teeth symptoms, which are inevitably a precursor to a whole world of pain. And they strike at random. Some people get wisdom teeth – some don’t. It's just the luck of the draw. They’re actually a third set of molars that would have been used by our ancestors as a way of eating hard substances such as roots.


We don’t need them in the modern worlds, thanks to a more refined diet, but evolution hasn’t yet told them that we’d rather not have them any more.


These additional molars have nowhere to go due to the presence of your other teeth (assuming you’ve taken care of them!). The resulting battle for space is what causes the pain, and soon leads to wisdom teeth removal. The problem will not go away, no matter how long you put it off, and will only get worse with the passing of time.


And if you don't opt for wisdom teeth extraction, the problem will actually get worse. This is because the roots continue to grow for a couple of years after those initial pangs of pain. So the longer you put it off, the bigger a deal it becomes when it's time for extraction.


Things can also get worse, in the form of an impacted wisdom tooth, so the sooner you act, the better. And remember that there’s no permanent form of wisdom teeth pain relief, so extraction is the only real solution to your woes.


If you’ve been having some nagging signs of wisdom teeth and would like to know more on this topic, here’s a good starting point - http://www.medicinenet.com/wisdom_teeth/page2.htm