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An infected wisdom tooth represents real pain.

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There’s no way that the pain of wisdom teeth will go away of its own accord. Here’s why.

In preparation for writing today’s blog, we looked up the word ‘unfair’ in the dictionary. The definition we read was “Contrary to justice or a sense of fairness”.

Why is this on our mind, you might ask. Well, it's simply because we’re writing about one of the most unfair episodes in some people’s lives - removal of wisdom teeth.

Why is this unfair, you might ask? Two reason spring to mind immediately. The first is that wisdom teeth strike some people not others – so it's part of the great lottery of life whether you experience the pain associated with this condition.

And secondly, many people who have to shell out for wisdom teeth removal cost exercise exemplary oral hygiene and take really good care of their teeth. And this is part of the problem. The so-called wisdom teeth are actually a third set of molars, and when they arrive, there’s simply nowhere for them to go if all your other teeth are in place.


The unfairness lies in the fact that you'd experience less discomfort from wisdom teeth is you'd taken poor care of your teeth and had lost a few of them. There’s hardly anything more unfair than that, we think you’ll agree.


Thankfully, not all the news about wisdom teeth is bad. In terms of affordability, for example, your typical wisdom tooth extraction cost will very definitely not break the bank, so it's a blow to your mouth rather than a blow to your wallet.


Another element of unfairness lies in the fact that if you do the right thing and visit your dentist as soon as you experience those first pangs of pain, we can do absolutely nothing for you other than recommend extraction.


The longer you leave your wisdom teeth in place, the worse the condition will become. The roots will grow deeper, making extraction more difficult down the line, and the pain will grow in intensity as they try to burst out into the open. And if you're even more unlucky, you could end up with an infected wisdom tooth, which ramps up the pain factor even further.


So sadly, we have to tell you that if you suspect you may be heading for trouble with wisdom teeth, you need to come into us right away and set a date for having them extracted. The quicker you do it, the quicker you can get on with your life. And remember that nobody gets a fourth set of molars, so once your wisdom teeth re gone, they’re gone for good!


Don't put it off, therefore, if you believe that this is a problem in your own life. Pluck up the courage, lift up the phone and talk to us about an extraction date. You’ll be truly glad you did.


In the meantime, if you want to learn a little more before committing to extraction, may we recommend the following article for you - http://www.medicinenet.com/wisdom_teeth/page2.htm