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An infected wisdom tooth is better out than in. Trust us.

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Getting wisdom teeth sorted is not something to put on the long finger. Here’s why.

We’ve written many times in the past about the unfairness of wisdom teeth – and how they affect some people, but not others.


And in case you think that having a few bob in the bank will protect you against this great slap in the face from life, you're wrong. It affects the celebs as well as the ordinary folk – and often at the most inopportune times.


Take the case of singer, actress and fashion designer, Rita Ora. She’s one of our favourite performers, which is probably why we spotted her Instagram post of a wonderfully funny little video of herself right after removal of wisdom teeth

In the video, the divine Ms. Ora is slurry her words and is obviously high on painkilling drugs. But throughout it all, she has a huge grin on her face. And this is the point we’d like to focus on – the fact that patients are fully anaesthetised throughout the process, so you’ll be conscious of very little that’s going on in your mouth.


As to why Rira – or anyone else, for that matter – needs to have their wisdom teeth removed in the first place, let us explain things for you.


Wisdom teeth are actually a third set of molars that appear in some mouths, but not in others. Thousands of years ago, they would have been very necessary for our ancestors, as they had a diet of roots and other hard substances, and so went through three sets of teeth to constantly chomp on their tough diet.


Our more refined diet these days means that we no longer need them, but evolution has not yet caught up on the reality of the situation.


Once the first pangs of wisdom teeth strike, we have to advise you that getting them out as quickly as possible is the only sensible thing to do. This is because the roots of the wisdom teeth will continue to grow for another two years or so. The upshot of this is that it will be a more difficult process to have them removed if you put it on the long finger.


Also, there’s the prospect of the situation deteriorating, and you might even end up with an infected wisdom tooth. And trust us when we say that this is not a condition you want to become acquainted with.


As to wisdom teeth removal cost, it’s not a particularly expensive process these days, as the modern dental surgery has become very streamlined when it comes to carrying out treatments like this.


And remember that you should consider wisdom tooth extraction cost as an investment in your sanity. The nagging pain of wisdom teeth is insufferable, and even over-the-counter painkillers soon lose their ability to dissolve the pain.


So if you're experiencing those early signs that something is awry, drop into us as soon as possible and let us give you a definitive diagnosis. And meanwhile, if you'd like to research the topic a tad further, here’s a helpful starting point - http://www.medicinenet.com/wisdom_teeth/page2.htm