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Removal of wisdom teeth can be a genuine blessing.

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When you first experience the pangs of wisdom teeth, you’ve really only one course of action open to you. Here’s why.

We’ve written many times in the past about the unfairness of wisdom teeth – how they strike some of us but not others. And lest you think that this is not completely true, let us assure you that there’s simply no way that you can buy your way out of wisdom teeth problems via your wealth or your title, for example.

And to prove the point, we’d take you back to May of 2013 when the ubiquitous Paris Hilton ‘confided’ in her millions of social media followers that she was forced into removal of wisdom teeth -  she was actually getting all four of her dastardly wisdom teeth removed.

Her Tweet told the full story in a very concise manner. "Just finished. They had to remove all 4 of my wisdom teeth. Still feeling dizzy from the anesthesia, hopefully the pain won't be that bad."


And let’s face it guys, if anyone could have paid to have the inconvenience of wisdom teeth removed from her plate, it would have been the young heiress to the Hilton hotel empire.

Sadly, it doesn’t matter how much money or fame or power you may have. Wisdom teeth are no respecter of any of these.

And as you’ve probably gathered from the tale of young Miss Hilton, once she started to have the first pangs of a third set of molars trying to force their way into her mouth, the writing was on the wall. Sooner rather than later, her dentist would be suggesting that she had them removed.

The reason for this is simple. From the first pangs of pain, the roots of your wisdom teeth will continue to grow for another couple of years. This means that if you put extraction on the long finger, it will be a more difficult and potentially more painful process.

Obviously, wisdom teeth removal cost would not have been a problem for the Hilton empire, but don’t worry – if won’t break the bank even if you're a ‘mere pleb’. And remember that your wisdom teeth extraction cost is very definitely a one-off cost. You will definitely not get a fourth set of molars, so once you're sorted, you're sorted for good.

There’s another reason, too, why you should act early when wisdom teeth strike. If you don’t sort things as soon as possible, you could get an infected wisdom tooth, and trust us when we say that this is not somewhere you want to go.

As to the unfairness of how randomly wisdom teeth strike, you can think of it as a good thing or a bad thing – depending on whether you’ve had them or not. Around a third of the population won’t get them, so the odds are stacked against you.

But if you're one of the unlucky ones, at least you can console yourself with the thought that you live in an era where dentistry has never been better, so having your problem solved is easy-peasy.

Meanwhile, if you would like to read a little more on this topic, then here’s a good starting point - http://www.medicinenet.com/wisdom_teeth/page2.htm