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Root canal Treatment

Important Patient Notice

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As of October 12th 2022, MyDental Clinic Cherrywood has ceased trading. From this date, the following dentists: Dr. Rohshini Vennu, Dr. Alejandro Lite, Dr. Alba C. Urdaneta and Dr. Luis Gonzalez continue treating their patients at Dental Care Ireland in Cabinteely.

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Why is a Root Canal needed?

Why Root Canal Treatment is Needed?

The crown of each of your teeth is made up of the hard, exterior, enamel layer, along with a thicker layer of dentine. Between them, these two hard layers act as protectors to the soft and vulnerable tissue in the innermost part of the tooth – known as the pulp.

This pulp contains a mix of blood vessels and nerves, and it extends from the very tip of the roots right up to the crown. You’ll typically know that there may be some pulp damage occurring via symptoms from pain to heat or cold sensitivity, or perhaps swelling or gum tenderness.

In certain cases, however, there may be no warning signs whatsoever, but your dentist will usually spot that there’s a problem looming.

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What should I expect during my treatment?

The Procedure

Root canal treatment can save a tooth that you might otherwise lose permanently. After the treatment is completed, the tooth has no vital tissue within it, but tissue is left in place around the root and the periodontal membrane.

The tooth will function perfectly, and you can maintain it by adhering to your normal dental care regime, along with regular dental checkups.

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Do you use a microscope?

Endodontics with a Microscope

At MyDental, we use state-of-the-art microscope technology to help our dentists work more accurately and more efficiently. This causes no discomfort to the patient, but ensures a better outcome from the root canal procedure.

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How do I take care of my root canal?

Root Canal Treatment: After Care

For a day or two after the root canal, it’s normal to experience some discomfort in the treated tooth – especially if it was sore before the treatment.

If you’ve been directed to take antibiotics, make sure you finish the course – even if it seems that the infection has cleared up. You can take an over-the-counter pain killer during those early days, and it’s also helpful to gargle with hot, salty water. You should contact us immediately if pain persists.

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