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Orthodontic Treatments

Important Patient Notice

Dear Patients,


As of October 12th 2022, MyDental Clinic Cherrywood has ceased trading. From this date, the following dentists: Dr. Rohshini Vennu, Dr. Alejandro Lite, Dr. Alba C. Urdaneta and Dr. Luis Gonzalez continue treating their patients at Dental Care Ireland in Cabinteely.

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Specialist Orthodontic Treatment

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics can fix the alignment of your teeth and jaw. A specialist treatment which straightens crooked teeth and fixes over crowding. There are many options for this treatment using, fixed braces or removable aligners, short-term or long-term, clear or metal.

At MyDental we cover every type of orthodontic treatment. Our orthodontic specialists will recommend the best treatment for you at your free consultation. Short-term braces are most suitable for patients who have a few crooked teeth or basic over crowding of the front teeth. For more complex cases and to enhance the patients bite and jaw, a full orthodontic treatment would need to be carried out by our speciaist orthodontist.

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What is InvisalignTM?

How Does Invisalign Work?

Over the past 10 years, there has been a revolution in clear orthodontics. Invisalign is a treatment using clear aligners which are an alternative to metal braces with wires and brackets. Custom made Invisible Aligners gently move your teeth to their ideal position over a period of time. The aligners are replaces every few weeks once each step is achieved. The aligners can be removed for eating, drinking and brushing your teeth.

Dr. Alex, our orthodontic specialist, will discuss all of the options available to you to achieve a straighter smile and he'll help choose the treatment that is most suitable for you.

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How does a 6 month braces system work?

How Does it Work?

Anyone who’s had braces will tell you that they count the days to having them removed. With Quickbraces our Short-term Orthodontics, a typical treatment period is six months, which is a major improvement on the years it may take with more traditional methods used by Orthodontists.

The exact period needed will depend on your particular teeth and your bone structure, but you’ll get a fairly accurate prediction of how long you’ll be wearing them at your first consultation.

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Are braces suitable for everyone?

Are braces Suitable For Everyone?

Braces systems are suitable for the vast majority of patients, and we can confirm your suitability at an initial assessment. Adults of any age can be treated, while treatment of children usually starts at around twelve years of age.

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How are braces so affordable?

How Are They So Affordable?

Our model is driven by affordability, we want to ensure treatments are accessible to everyone - especially for treatments as essential as orthodontics. We have negotiated the best peices with our suppliers to be able to offer you the lowest possible price in Ireland.

In addition to low fees, we offer interest free payment plans to allow you to pay for the treatment over low monthly installments during the course of treatment.

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What should I expect during my braces treatment?

The Procedure

image of a patient wearing our clear braces

First of all, the braces system is put in place a section at a time, which means that the roots and crown of the teeth only need to move very slowly – causing minimal discomfort.

Secondly, the brackets used to correct the crooked teeth are smaller and more discreet than traditional methods, so they’re much more comfortable and cause minimal inconvenience when biting or chewing.

No two cases are exactly the same, but as a general rule of thumb, you will have an appointment every five weeks – with a norm of five to ten visits.

The bottom line is that you will have a straighter, more confident smile in months rather than years – so what are you waiting for?

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How do I take care of my braces?

Taking Care of Your Braces

You may experience some very mild discomfort for the first few days after having your braces fitted, but this will quickly pass. The braces themselves need no particular care regime, but you need to be doubly careful when brushing or flossing your teeth, as there can be a few ‘hidden areas’ caused by the braces

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Children´s Braces

Children´s Braces at MyDental!

Braces for kids image

At MyDental we are continuing to offer breakthrough dental fees in Ireland. We are now offering the lowest cost orthodontic treatments, for children and teenagers under 18, in Ireland. MyDental´s goal is to make orthodfontic treatments affordable for everyone so that every child has the same opportunity for strong oral health when they get older.

Our team of specialist orthodontists are dedicated to providing the highest level of care and specialised orthodontic treatments for children. We use 3M braces system and Invisalign which are two of the best systems on the market to ensure we can achieve excellent results for our patients.

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Call us on 01 6144570 or email bookings@mydental.ie today to book your  consultation with one of our dental specialists for Short Term Braces, the exciting and new solution for achieving straight teeth in a fraction of the time you'd expect!

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